New Packaging for the Hand Lotion!

We are so excited to have these tottles back in stock for the hand lotion. What on earth is a tottle, you ask? Basically, it’s like an upside-down bottle.

What is so great about this packaging is that because it’s stored upside-down it allows thicker products, like the hand lotion, to gravitate down towards the dispenser. It’s designed to squeezes easier, helping the lotion along. This way you never have to tap on it to get the lotion to dispense. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, there’s been a shortage of bottles everywhere and this one in particular was sold out for over nine months. So we had to improvise with the narrower 4oz PET bottles with the push cap. They work well but you do have to tap it to get the lotion out of. We store ours upside-down and and that seems to help a great deal.

Expect new batches of hand lotion to become available over the next two weeks. Bear with me as I also have to take pictures of them and get them uploaded to the site.

I know we're biased but at our household, we can’t live without this hand lotion. With all the hand washing and cleaning with abrasive chemicals, it’s the only thing that saves our hands. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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