Syndet Bars and Other Experiments

We hope you’ve been enjoying the weather where you are! It’s sunny and in the upper 70s here in New Mexico. This week, we thought we’d share some experiments we’re working on here at Desert Wild. New product development can take months or even years to complete. Carving out the time can be challenging but it truly is the fun part of Desert Wild.

One experiment, is a syndet bar or synthetic detergent bar. They’re made with cleansers, called surfactants, instead of natural soap. Natural soap is wonderful but the pH of soap can sometimes be too alkaline for our faces. The ideal pH the faces is more acidic, with a pH between 4 and 5. The beauty with the syndet bars is that you can adjust the pH to what suits you. The bar I’ve been experimenting with uses silky Rhassoul Clay and Grapeseed Oil that leaves your skin feeling soft afterwards. Since the bars are a concentrated cleanser, you only need to use a very small amount. The formula is gentle enough that it doesn’t dry the skin and leaves it feeling very soft afterwards. Also, my complexion seems more even after using the bar for a month. They also last a very long time, with this small bar should last about 5–6 months.

Some other experiments that are going on in the background are a facial toner, deep conditioning hair mask, facial oil serum, and lip balm. Some of them might end up on here as DIY recipes and others are still in the works.

We’d love to hear the types of products you’d want to see in the future. Have you used a syndet bar before? Leave a comment here or find us on Facebook and Instagram.


Hi Trish! Well here’s a weird bug, I don’t seem to be able to reply to posts! I’m making a few more bars this week as I try and get the %s of cleansers right but I’ll send you out a bar and as a bonus three lip balm formulas to try. ; )

Christine May 01, 2021

OK! I had never heard of a syndet bar, but after reading about them, I would LOVE to try one! (FYI…Auto-correct changed the name to “sunset” bars, and for someone at a sunset age, that seems appropriate!). Seriously though, a syndet bar seems to be a perfect addition to anyone’s facial care routine… Thank you. I would also be thrilled to try your deep conditioning hair mask! (Another sunset-age restorative amenity, for sure!) ~ Trish

Patricia Babina May 01, 2021

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