Get Those Summer Feet Ready!

I hope the weather is starting to warm up where you are! Spring is on our doorstep in New Mexico and it’s time to get those feet into shape.

Even before COVID I rarely went for pedis. I’m so ticklish on my feet that the whole exfoliation phase is just torture. The nail technician couldn't never scrub my feet and they wouldn't get exfoliated. So I just started giving myself pedis at home. It’s the main reason I created the Foot Pumice and Foot Salve products. Both are rich in shea butter, avocado and apricot kernel oils to moisturize and soften rough feet. People keep asking me how to use them so I decided to write this post.

I created a system of using the Foot Pumice 1–2x a week, followed by the Foot Salve 3x a week. Depending on how dry it is where you are or or how how much you’re on your feet, you may need more or less TLC. I recommend using a a pumice stone or foot file to give you extra leverage when attacking those callouses.

  1. After a shower or a 15–20 minute foot soak, pat your feet with a towel so they’re damp but not wet.
  2. For extra exfoliation (like I needed this week) do an initial exfoliation with the stone or file first to prepare your feet to absorb the shea butter.
  3. Using a quarter-sized dollop of the Foot Pumice product, apply it all over your feet and with the stone or file scrub it in paying close attention to those calloused, rough areas.
  4. Rinse with warm to hot water, depending on how cool it is where you are, and rinse the pumice off. Make sure not to wash off the shea butter as that’s what is going to absorb and make your feet baby smooth!
  5. Afterwards, you can use the Foot Salve for extra moisturizing. I prefer to apply the Foot Salve at night, cover with a pair of socks, and when I wake up my feet feel amazing! I do this about 2–3x a week.

Be extra careful with the Foot Pumice, as it will make the shower and your feet slippery. I spray the shower down afterwards with a cleaner, like Scrubbing Bubbles, to remove the oil residue so my sweetheart doesn’t slip when he takes his shower.

After one use you’ll fee the difference immediately and you can confidently show those feet off to the world!

Happy Spring everyone!

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